About Us

Live 4 Health is a community-based, non-profit, UK-wide organisation, working with and supporting people of diverse ages, genders, families and communities.


We aim to be a beacon of strength and acceptance by supporting individuals to build resilience and achieve their potential. We strive to be known as a place of excellence in leadership, education and support services for young people and adults wherever they are.


Live 4 Heath aims to create and nurture spaces where people feel and are safe, emotionally, psychologically and physically. We provide a wide range of support services across England for people of all ages, including specialised services for young people. Our staff and volunteers deal with all enquiries in an understanding, supportive and confidential manner.


Our youth work team offer a wide range of services and programmes designed to encourage young people to get involved, learn new skills and make new friends.


Our projects are open to all young people throughout England.As a team, we possess a wide range of experience from working with schools, youth provision centres, communities, prisons, youth offending services, job centres, etc.


We aim to improve welfare by providing encouragement, support and training, therefore enabling people to get back on their feet. We help individuals regain confidence and independence; empowering people to help themselves



Our values

In all the work we do, we aim to work by our organisational values, which we define as:


Passion, Sustainability, Adaptability, Support, Integrity


  • Maintaining a Passion for the work that we do

  • Recognising the need for the Sustainability of the services and support that we provide

  • Ensuring Adaptability and innovation that will lead us to solutions for today's and tomorrow's challenges

  • Striving to Support the people that we work with to enable them to live with knowledge, understanding, dignity and acceptance 

  • Ensuring the Integrity of the work that we do and the way that we conduct ourselves in the world.

Mission Statement

To expand people’s expectations by providing high-quality learning experiences, through a range of projects promoting education, health, life chances, employment and achievement.

Live 4 Health Aims

The aims of Live 4 Health CIC are to carry out activities that will benefit socially deprived communities that are unable to access good quality information, advice and guidance on unemployment, education, training, health, fitness, nutrition, well-being, alcohol/substance misuse and sexual health awareness. We work closely with people that are at risk of gang affiliation and those who are currently gang members, rehabilitating them back into their communities.


We promote social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing people from becoming socially excluded.


We relieve the needs of those people that already feel socially excluded by assisting them towards an improved better and life standard.


We aim to improve welfare by providing encouragement, support and training, therefore enabling people to get back on their feet. Our ultimate aim is to help individuals regain confidence and independence; empowering people to help themselves.



Live 4 Health Objectives

Live 4 Health's main objective is to work with young people and communities:


Young People:

Our concern is for young people, especially those who find it hard to take up the increasing responsibility of adulthood. While our daily work is focused upon individuals, we seek to tackle issues in families and communities. This requires local knowledge and agreement from interagency co-operation. The objectives with young people are:


  • To empower young people to improve their own position

  • To broaden young people’s horizons and raise aspirations

  • To effect positive change in lifestyles

  • To prevent young people from offending and involvement in the criminal justice system

  • To build confidence and a positive self-image

  • To improve young people’s health and quality of life



Our second purpose is to support people in communities who wish to help themselves and to assist the statutory services of the local authority.The objectives with communities are:


  • To empower communities to improve their own position

  • To affect positive changes in communities lifestyles

  • To reduce offending and anti-social behaviour

  • To build confidence and pride in the places people live

  • To encourage community cohesion and sense of self-worth

  • To improve communities’ health and wellbeing