A mentor is a guide who can help their mentee to find the right direction, boost confidence and help them to develop solutions to issues. Having mentors is very important in all working and social environments, where we focus on schools, colleges, universities, and community centres in particular.

This course has been developed to help participants clarify their own thoughts on the mentoring process and develop a model of mentoring that suits their specific context. The course also provides opportunities to learn more about the necessary interpersonal skills required for successful mentoring.

Participants will examine the skills, behaviours and values essential to become an effective mentor. Through a series of discussions, interactive exercises and case studies the course will cover the essentials of mentoring alongside potential pitfalls and problems.

We also introduce participants to reflective, transformative and empowering communication tools of mentoring, and how you can use these to develop your personal and professional abilities and potential.

Completing this course is an effective way to give you the opportunity to explore the role of a mentor and practice the skills necessary to mentor successfully. It is most suitable for people working in schools, colleges, universities, and community centres who are new to mentoring and want to explore its concepts and will enable you to practice key mentoring skills as well as develop your unique mentoring style. It is also effective for people who want to gain a broader understanding of mentoring and where it might fit into their organisations. Experienced coaches and mentors who want to broaden their knowledge base, evaluate their skills are will also benefit from this course.