The Comprehensive Awareness CPD course intends to enhance students’ knowledge of sexual health, smoking, drugs, alcohol and their uses and misuses. Therefore, it provides a basis for individuals to develop increased social awareness, assists in the support for the relevant government policies through an educational model, and provides students with knowledge in relation to health issues surrounding the use and misuse of different types of substances.

This course has been developed to provide young people in particular a high level of knowledge and understanding on health issues, effects, consequences and legislation which surround and affect their age group. The course highlights how these can cause long term physical and psychological effects if not addressed correctly and to seek appropriate support and intervention. 

This course will benefit a range of people, mainly young people but also including social and health care professionals, youth workers, community groups, parents/carers and volunteers. Teachers, and support workers in substance misuse agencies will also find this a useful CPD course to acquire.

Comprehensive Awareness