Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is an important issue that anyone working with children, young people and/or families should have knowledge of. Everyone who works with young people has a responsibility to keep them safe from harm.

This course has been developed to help practitioners understand the complications involved with child sexual exploitation cases issues. They will learn who is most risk of CSE, how children become implicated in CSE and why young people react in the way they do. The course also provides essential information on best practice on being aware, recognising and responding to concerns, and making referrals to social care.

Completing our training course is an effective way to ensure all practitioners are aware of child sexual exploitation and safeguarding. It is suitable for anyone that works with children, young people and their families and is essential for anyone with safeguarding responsibilities including social workers, teachers and youth workers. It is also suitable for safeguarding leads, healthcare professionals, voluntary/charity workers, counsellors, community support officers, LSCB members and those working in children’s homes.

If the learner has not attended child protection training before it’s recommended they study/complete a Safeguarding course prior to our CSE training course to give them a baseline level of knowledge of CSE.

Child Sexual Exploitation