This course has been developed to provide a high level of current knowledge and understanding on safeguarding. All organisations that work with or come into contact with children should have safeguarding policies and procedures to ensure that every child, regardless of their age, gender, religion or ethnicity, can be protected from harm. Setting up and following good safeguarding policies and procedures means children, young people and vulnerable adults are safe from others who might pose a risk.

Completing our training course is an effective way to ensure all practitioners are aware of safeguarding policies, procedures and their duty of care to the children, young people and vulnerable adults.

The course will be split into two modules. Module 1 is for general staff and is relevant to members of the workforce who work predominantly with disabled children, young people and/or their parents/carers. It is suitable for those who potentially contribute to the assessing, planning, intervening and evaluating the needs of a child and parenting capacity where there are safeguarding concerns.


Module 2 is specifically for professional advisors, named and designated lead professionals and operational managers at all levels, practice supervisors and front line managers.

Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults