The Gang Prevention and Intervention programme provides a balance of prevention, intervention, and suppression strategies to ensure success in overcoming gang affiliation and youth violence in all communities. 

It provides a basis for individuals to develop increased social awareness, assists in the support for the relevant government policies through an educational model, and provides students with knowledge in relation to ending violence and exiting gangs.

The prevention element targets youth at risk of gang involvement and helps reduce the number of youth who join gangs. Our intervention element and strategies provide sanctions and services for younger youth who are actively involved in gangs to push them away from gangs. Our law enforcement suppression strategies and intensive services target aims to rehabilitate the most violent gangs and criminally active gang members.

This course will benefit a range of people, mainly young people but also including the police, gang prevention workers, social and health care professionals, youth workers, community groups, parents/carers and volunteers. Teachers and support workers will also find this a useful programme to acquire.

We employ multiple strategies and services, including:  Addressing elevated risk factors for joining a gang; Improving community-level supervision of youth; Providing training for parents of youth involved in gangs and violence; Providing interpersonal skills training to students to help resolve conflicts; Providing training in mediating conflicts

Gang Prevention & Intervention