Using the most effective psychological and physical tools including Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Healthy Eating combined with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT); our Healthy Body & Healthy Mind training program works towards a practical level to a target-driven format. This unique program has been tried, tested and proven to achieve powerful results.​

Our interventions aim to challenge the way people conduct their everyday health, fitness and nutrition routines, how they think, feel and behave, thus creating an altogether more positive attitude within the individual. This enables movement towards employment and ultimately a healthier and improved standard of living.


We take a holistic approach with clients, helping them discover the root cause of their struggle; the thoughts and beliefs that may be preventing them from moving forward with their lives. We help people move towards a brighter, more positive future. We believe that achieving a sustainable employment outcome is possible when you start to work from the inside-out; in other words, looking at the psychological barriers and working together to overcome their fears.


Encouraging fitness, independence and motivation

At Live 4 Health we feel that great change can happen when a person feels confident and empowered. With the Health Body & Healthy Mind program we motivate people to motivate themselves, helping them assess their own individual physical and mental barriers in order to move in a positive direction. We help them reclaim their lives, giving back their confidence and sparkle, fully engaging them into the programme.



Healthy Body & Healthy Mind program complements the government ethos that active physical and psychological intervention can aid people getting back into employment.


We believe that while medication has its place, the majority of minor physical and mental health problems can be greatly improved by social integration, increasing self-esteem, and by gaining a greater sense of achievement and fulfilment through work. Our program uses techniques that can lead to an increased sense of physical ability, sense of self-worth and control, which we see as invaluable confidence-building tools.

Healthy Body/Healthy Mind