The Mental Health workshop will raise awareness of mental health to understand and recognise the causes, symptoms and support options for a range of common and less-common mental health problems.

You will learn skills to effectively manage and understand someone experiencing mental distress. By increasing your understanding of mental health, we will help you strengthen your capacity for dealing with difficult situations - achieving the best possible outcome as you gain confidence in dealing with people experiencing mental health issues.

The course provides an overview of mental health problems, outlining some of the symptoms and effects, and explains what you can do to help others feel supported and encouraged. The course aims to promote positive mental health and demonstrate how easy it can be for you to make adjustments in order to encourage tolerance and understanding.

This course designed is for anyone who would like a better understanding of mental health conditions. It is suitable for all HR workers, managers, supervisors and employers who wish to understand more about mental health conditions so that employees can be better supported and positive mental health can be encouraged in the workplace. 

The programme is designed to benefit a range of other people including social and health care professionals, young people, teachers, youth workers, community groups, parents/carers and volunteers. 

The length of the course is determined by a Training Needs Analysis we carry out to identify the requirements of the client based on the working environment, young people involved and the role of employees within the organisation. This ensures that our courses reflect the client's actual working environment.

Mental Health Awareness