Evidence in areas such as positive psychology suggests that negative behaviour and outcomes in life are heavily influenced by the way in which one perceives oneself. In other words, an individual with low self-esteem may look at life from a negative perspective and may not be open to the positive opportunities that are available.


The Live 4 Health for Offenders ethos is to always look at the root cause of a person's behaviour and perceived barriers. Once the cause has been identified then steps can be made towards a healthy life style and psychological existence which can then in turn lead to sustainable employment. There is a correlation between low self-esteem and criminal activity, drug & alcohol abuse, failure to learn at school and being dependent on benefits. We believe everyone has the ability to change.


The GOALS for Offenders programme

Live 4 Health provides a program which tackles psychology of social exclusion with a key focus on building self-esteem, independence, inner strength, personal awareness and self-motivation. Individuals will leave the program with a renewed sense of purpose, feeling fully supported to pursue the life and job that they desire.


Having a criminal record can limit employment opportunities in case of some offenders but there is good evidence to suggest that employment is possible for those who can show that they have learnt from their mistakes and have changed.


What to expect

Conceptual frameworks and practical tools for individuals to manage their own personal and career development.


  • We use step-by-step exercises to engage individuals

  • We work with people to enable them to 'want' to learn

  • Available for both adult and youth offenders

  • Strong ongoing mentoring theme

  • Learners play a central role in defining their own future

  • Focus on skills and employability increases learner engagement

  • How staying fit have impact on our mind and on our mood

Reduce Reoffending