Safeguarding and Child protection training is important for everyone no matter your occupation or how frequently you work with children and/or their families. It provides you with the safeguarding skills you need to act appropriately and confidently to protect the children you work with.    

The Safeguarding workshop gives an understanding of the types of abuse and neglect a child in your care may suffer, and most importantly how to identify the signs of neglect and how to take the correct course of action if you suspect a child is being neglected. It will improve your knowledge and will provide you with a thorough overview of how to recognise the warning signs of abuse, what to do with any concerns that you may have and how to feel confident in protecting children from harm.

Other key areas of the training include knowing how to deal with a situation when a child or adult discloses abuse, and reliable methods of keeping accurate records.

Safeguarding children is a responsibility of all professions and so this training course is suitable for anybody required to take training as part of their role. It is a requirement for all those working with children and/or their families to have knowledge of how to safeguard children and by taking this training programme you will fulfil that obligation.

The programme is also suitable for workers of all levels, including managers, supervisors, full-time staff, part-time staff and volunteers.

The length of the course is determined by a Training Needs Analysis we carry out to identify the requirements of the client based on the working environment, young people involved and the role of employees within the organisation. This ensures that our courses reflect the client's actual working environment.