Smoking Awareness workshop provides learners with an awareness of the health implications of smoking and knowledge of strategies and sources of information to assist in smoking cessation. It provides meaningful content intended to meet personal growth, legal and employer requirements. We accurately represent and address the scale of the problems that smoking causes.

As part of the programme we use governed and secured samples of substances/materials for visual purposes. The Smoke Box includes 21 simulated items including tobacco, cigarettes and nicotine gum.

This programme has been developed to provide young people in particular a high level of knowledge and understanding on health issues, effects, consequences and legislation which surround and affect their age group. The course highlights how these can cause long term physical and psychological effects if not addressed correctly and to seek appropriate support and intervention. 

The programme is designed to benefit a range of people, mainly young people but also including social and health care professionals, teachers, youth workers, community groups, parents/carers and volunteers. 

The length of the course is determined by a Training Needs Analysis we carry out to identify the requirements of the client based on the working environment, young people involved and the role of employees within the organisation. This ensures that our courses reflect the client's actual working environment.

Smoking Awareness