Sexual Health is an important part of physical and mental health. Essential elements of good sexual health are equitable relationships and sexual fulfilment with access to information and services to avoid the risk of uninitiated pregnancy, illness or disease. Sexual health training is important to raise awareness and help with the prevention and treatment of STDs. 

The Sexual Health Awareness workshop will equip people working with young people or their families to understand the pressures and issues faced by young people. It covers both national and local issues, with sections customised for specific local (geographical) areas.

This programme also help learners to understand where to signpost young people who have questions about their sexual health and to share decision making where the sexual health of a young person is an issue.

This course provides a wealth of in-depth knowledge which enables you to expand your understanding of sexual health issues. Also explored are helpful tips in maintaining positive intimate relationships and the mechanics of human reproduction.

As part of the programme we use governed and secured samples of substances/materials for visual purposes. The Safer Sex box contains 16 different methods of contraception and 8 Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and is displayed in a fascinating 3D-manner.

This programme has been developed to provide young people in particular a high level of knowledge and understanding on health issues, effects, consequences and legislation which surround and affect their age group. The course highlights how these can cause long term physical and psychological effects if not addressed correctly and to seek appropriate support and intervention. 

The programme is designed to benefit a range of people, mainly young people but also including social and health care professionals, teachers, youth workers, community groups, parents/carers and volunteers. 

The length of the course is determined by a Training Needs Analysis we carry out to identify the requirements of the client based on the working environment, young people involved and the role of employees within the organisation. This ensures that our courses reflect the client's actual working environment.

Sexual Health Awareness